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Residential Foundation  | Flat Creek Concrete - Idaho Falls, WY

The Bible urges us to build our house upon a rock. We at Flat Creek Concrete pride ourselves in offering resident of Idaho Falls more modern solutions to making sure your home has a good foundation.

A foundation is rarely seen, but affects everything that rests upon it. Flat Creek Concrete has earned the trust of home builders through the years as our work has withstood the test of time and the elements.

Our professionals are experienced in all types of concrete foundations and the methods needed for best results given the ground conditions prevalent in our area. We are adept at pouring fittings and spread footings below the frost line.

Slab-on-grade foundations, which transfer the weight of the house to the ground via a concrete slab on the surface, are frequently requested by builders.

We can also provide deep foundations, which use deep footings to transfer the load of your house from the weaker topsoil to a stronger layer below. The builder makes the choice, but our work will make the difference.

Flat Creek Concrete oversees the entire process of building a foundation, starting with grading and digging the trenches for the footings and continuing with building the batter boards to level the house. Then we install the rebar and start “boom pumping” the concrete.

We prep for the slab, running plumbing lines beneath and setting the radon shield. Once the slab is set and inspected, our team will make sure the area is cleared, graded, and cleaned and ready for the framing crew.

Each step of the project is taken with care and attention to detail. The proof of our work sits under houses throughout the Idaho Falls area.